I was greatly blessed by my first visit to your country recently. I am happy to share these thoughts on our worship and our service for God.

“You’ll find them both in the same church: One sees the structure and says, ‘What a great church.’ The other sees the Savior and says, ‘What a great Christ!’ Which do you see?”
(Max Lucado)

Similarly, in our worship our goal is of course not for people to respond, “What great worship today!” but rather, “What a great God we worshiped today!”

The greatest compliment I ever received as a worship leader (unfortunately it only happened once or twice) was: “You seemed to disappear, and we only saw Jesus.”

May God help us to get out of the way, to facilitate worship rather than to put on a show for the people before us, to “disappear” and let people focus on the Lord.

Ron Man

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